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The Invention of BudFits -
“The morning after I got my iPod, I was bursting with excitement as I rolled out of bed early to take my new iPod jogging. I hadn’t jogged more than 20 steps when one of the earbuds fell out of my ear. Instead of enjoying my new iPod, I quickly became frustrated by the earbuds, which refused to stay in my ears despite my best efforts to wedge them harder and harder into my ear canals. I knew there had to be a better way.”
This experience led to the invention of BudFits (Patent Pending). BudFits comfortably secure iPod earbuds in place even under the most demanding conditions.
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              Compatible with iPod and iPhone earbuds only     Patents Pending
BudFits are protected by US Patent 5,625,171 and other pending patent(s). Innovelis reserves the right to end contests and promotions at any time. iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. BudFit and BudFits are trademarks of Innovelis, Inc. BudFits are headphone adapters. BudFits are not compatible with non-Apple earbuds.