Expert Reviews

My Mac
“I have given them a good workout by using them while running, working out, working in the yard and wherever else I could try them out on without harming myself or others. I've not had them slip off of my ear or cause any problems…Highly Recommended!  My Mac rating: 5 out of 5.”

“If you're still using the earbuds that came with your iPod (no judgment), you absolutely must pick up a pair of Innovelis BudFits.” 

PC World
“The obvious advantage is that the earbuds no longer fall out easily; in fact, they're secure enough for vigorous exercise. But another benefit is that you may find your iPod's earbuds to be more comfortable, since you no longer have to mash them into your ears to get them to stay put.” 

Wenatchee World 
“BudFits, a set of soft, rubber ‘hooks’ that attach to each earbud and wrap over the top of the ear for a secure fit.”

Star Tribune
“A common complaint about Apple's popular iPod and iPhone devices is that standard earbuds may pop out, especially while running or walking. Innovelis…attacked the problem by creating BudFits.”

Mac Observer
“My conclusion is that they (BudFits) do exactly what they're supposed to do and do it very nicely.”

“The design helps keep the earbuds in place during physical activities whether you’re running, cycling, snowboarding or whatever it is you like to do.”

“BudFits are just what we like in an invention.  Simple, cheap and solving one single problem…”

Digital Trends
“By adding a clip-on rubber loop to Apple's standard earbuds, a pair of BudFits makes them suitable for running, cycling, skateboarding and other activities.”

The Gadget Blog
“For less than $10.00 USD a pair, you can’t go wrong.“

Coolest Gadgets
“Exercise…that can result in the earbuds falling out. The BudFits from Innovelis solves this problem as described.”
              Compatible with iPod and iPhone earbuds only     Patents Pending
BudFits are protected by US Patent 5,625,171 and other pending patent(s). Innovelis reserves the right to end contests and promotions at any time. iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. BudFit and BudFits are trademarks of Innovelis, Inc. BudFits are headphone adapters. BudFits are not compatible with non-Apple earbuds.