User Buzz

Irene -
"Many thanks for your email. The BudFits arrived a couple of days ago, very fast delivery and a very good product, they are surprisingly comfortable!"

Tom -
"Four to five times a week I hike up in the neighboring hills. Of course I have to wear my CamelBak that carries my drinking water. I strap my iPod above the elbow. I'm ready to go. No matter how I place the cables, under or over the back pak shoulder straps, constant adjusting is necessary, cables always snag on the back pack pulling the ear plugs out.  Anyone hiking or biking nearby may have learned a few new words. I knew the moment I saw your wonderful product that my problem is solved."

Erin from Chicago -
“Innovelis BudFits are the long-awaited solution to the problem of constantly struggling to keep my ear buds in my ears while I run!  In the past, I have found that running with my earbuds can often be more of a detriment to my run rather than an enhancement because my ear buds would continuously fall out and become a distraction.  Now that I have BudFits, this is not a problem!  It's crazy that Apple didn't invent this product first; this product is genius."

Cathie from Washington -
"I'm more than satisfied---I'm amazed that such a simple and inexpensive product could make my ipod so much more functional!  You've certainly produced a winner in BudFits!"

Nate from Oklahoma -
"I got the BudFits this week. I have used them a couple of times and they work great. I got on your website last week and was very impressed with the layout and graphics. I will keep an eye on it for more of your products in the future. Thanks for the follow up email.  Keep working hard and caring for your customers and you guys will do great!"

Frank from Canada -
"Kudos for the Budfit; such a simple and needed solution for even those who are not runners :)"

Jeanne from Oklahoma -
"Thank you, thank you!  You are amazing!  Your customer service is off the charts!  Where do I send my comments?  I've gotta say, I 've never had better customer service.  You're tops in my book!"

              Compatible with iPod and iPhone earbuds only     Patents Pending
BudFits are protected by US Patent 5,625,171 and other pending patent(s). Innovelis reserves the right to end contests and promotions at any time. iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. BudFit and BudFits are trademarks of Innovelis, Inc. BudFits are headphone adapters. BudFits are not compatible with non-Apple earbuds.