Why Budfits

If you think iPod and iPhone earbuds are uncomfortable and fall out easily, then you are not alone.  Many online reviews mention these common complaints.  BudFits keep earbuds from falling out and also make the earbuds far more comfortable by eliminating the need to wedge the earbuds in the ear canal.  

Why go out and buy an expensive pair of sports headphones that may or may not work well and likely don’t have the same sound quality as Apple’s earbuds (which were designed specifically for the device they came with)?  BudFits adapt your iPod or iPhone earbuds to fit your active lifestyle.  Don’t let the earbuds limit where and how you enjoy your music!

Apple’s white earbuds are easily the most recognized headphone style on the planet.  They have reached iconic status the world over.  Their popularity transcends cultures and backgrounds.  The iconic Apple earbuds tell the world you own an iPod or iPhone rather than a generic alternative.  Don’t settle for less by using clumsy third-party headphones with your iPod or iPhone.
              Compatible with iPod and iPhone earbuds only     Patents Pending
BudFits are protected by US Patent 5,625,171 and other pending patent(s). Innovelis reserves the right to end contests and promotions at any time. iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. BudFit and BudFits are trademarks of Innovelis, Inc. BudFits are headphone adapters. BudFits are not compatible with non-Apple earbuds.